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What is the Ecas4 Booster® / eBooster?

The Ecas4 BoosterTM (or eBooster) is the only Australian made and WaterMark-certified device available on the market for in-line treatment of drinking water.

The simplest way to describe it is by referring to a swimming pool chlorinator: both devices allow to produce active chlorine in situ, but while a pool chlorinator requires significant quantities of salt, the eBooster is able to work with normal levels of salt present in drinking water.

How does it work?

Like a pool chlorinator, the eBooster is a device that allows for electrochemical water treatment. Inside the device, microorganisms are eliminated thanks to the effects of electrolysis (electrocution / electroporation); moreover, the salt chlorides present in the water are converted into active chlorine, allowing a disinfection activity that also extends outside the device (residual effect).

How is it installed?

The eBooster is built in such a way as to allow installation inline within water disinfection processes and / or food sanitation processes. We suggest installation in a dedicated line (bypass), to allow easy maintenance of the system, if required, without interrupting the water flow. The bypass line is preferably made of PVC. Please contact us for more information.

Who can install it?

According to Australian regulations, changes to the drinking water supply network can only be performed by a qualified plumber.

What are the benefits?

The eBooster can be applied in all those situations that require a water sanitization treatment, even for preventive purposes. The disinfection treatment is obtained without any dosage of chemical products. OHS risks are thus eliminated, as well as those related to the dosage of by-products that can form when disinfectants are stored for a long time before being used.

What does the installation package include?

The simplest version of the system includes the electrochemical cell (eBooster) and a control panel; the latter can then be connected to a flow switch, a flow meter, a chlorometer, a pH meter, or to any other device designed to control the characteristics of the water (e.g. conductivity, temperature, redox potential).

Where can it be used?

The eBooster is WaterMark certified up to a temperature of 50 °C, which means that it can be installed in both the drinking water supply network (cold water) and in warm water systems.

What kind of maintenance is required?

While no regulatory body will ever accept the idea of a “set and forget” device (especially in the context of drinking water treatment), the eBooster comes very close. The device is self-cleaning as the control board manages the periodical inversion of polarity to the electrodes to remove the scales that can form on electrodes due to water hardness.

How can I monitor the operation of the system?

The control board allows remote monitoring through a dedicated private network (VPN) that relies on the 4G mobile network; if the system is installed in an area with poor network coverage, a connection to the ethernet network is required.

Connection to SCADA or BMS systems is supported; furthermore, the possible occurrence of problems or errors is communicated by sending SMS text messages to up to 3 different mobile phone numbers.

How is an overdose avoided?

Regardless of the chosen working mode, overdosing is avoided by setting a maximum value for the current. When the system is connected to a chlorometer, it is possible to set the variability window (minimum and maximum values) for the free chlorine produced.

How does the system work ‘in practice’?

The system can operate in three different modes:

  1. at constant current (a flow switch is used to stop the system in the absence of water flow)
  2. at variable current, depending on water flow rate (the system adjusts the current aiming to maintain a given active chlorine production – a water flow meter is required, as well as an initial “calibration” of the system, which will periodically be verified)
  3. by using a chlorometer and targeting a set value of free chlorine (a flow switch is however recommended, for safety reasons)
What warranty is provided by the manufacturer?

The system comes with a 2-year warranty, both on the cell and the control board. The lifespan of the electrodes depends on the working conditions (time, current intensity, temperature, level of salts in the water). Ecas4 is pleased to work with customers to define the most appropriate system, to achieve lifetimes of 4 years or more.

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