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A safe environment without pathogens is vital for human health. Anogard™ hospital grade disinfectant is perfect for industrial, commercial, medical, and recreational sectors.


Trusted to deliver in the following sectors

Aged care

Older people are often more vulnerable to infections due to the aging of the immune system (the so-called immuno-senescence, which causes reduced production of antibodies and the development of a state of chronic low-grade inflammation) and the development of other problems with health. For this reason, it is important to minimize the risks associated with the presence of bacteria and viruses on contact surfaces. Anogard™ is a safe and effective answer.


In offices, an important aspect is the image, which must be that of a clean, tidy, and elegant environment. As in any other workplace, the aspect of cleaning is fundamental, especially with regard to the surfaces of the desks, where workers spend many hours, and the floors. In fact, by keeping these surfaces clean, at the same time good air quality is preserved, preventing the diffusion of dust into the air. Anogard™ is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and delicate on all surfaces, and its use does not require special precautions.


A high level of hygiene is essential for creating a dynamic and healthy learning environment. With the high number of users and the close interaction between them, schools and universities are sensitive to germs and viruses that circulate more rapidly, causing viral and bacterial infections. Offering and guaranteeing hygienic and safe schools and universities to children and students, free from potential risks of viral contamination, is the main concern of every school manager and every parent. Anogard™ is non-toxic yet effective against bacteria, moulds and virus, including COVID, Poliovirus, Adenovirus (responsible for cold-like symptoms, fever, sore throat, bronchitis, and pneumonia) and Norovirus (the winter vomiting bugs that cause gastroenteritis).


In the kitchen, if proper hygiene is not maintained, the risk of running into food poisoning or infection is always around the corner. Especially in the kitchens of bars, restaurants, and canteens, which can serve hundreds of meals every day. The hygiene of the spaces implies the periodic cleaning of the worktops, the stoves, the oven… but it is important to keep the detergents out of the kitchen to avoid the risk of possible contamination of food with chemical substances. Anogard™ is non-toxic, food safe and delicate on surfaces.

Indoor recreation

An indoor recreation area is a place designed and equipped for carrying out sports and recreational activities within an enclosed space. Examples include bowling alleys, ballrooms, billiard rooms, theatres, indoor tennis and squash courts, and indoor swimming pools. The air you breathe inside confined spaces mixes with the substances produced inside by daily activities, and is often renewed in an ineffective way due to lack of ventilation. It is therefore important to remove pollutants (organic, inorganic and microbiological) at the source of release. Anogard™ is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and delicate on surfaces, yet effective against bacteria, moulds and viruses.


In hospitals, private clinics, various health facilities, cleaning activities are essential, requiring thorough and frequent interventions, with the aid of chemicals, detergents and both manual and mechanical equipment of a professional level. Anogard™ is a hospital-grade disinfectant, ARTG listed and effective against bacteria, moulds and virus, yet safe and environmentally friendly.

Public transport

When travelling by bus, subway, train, taxi, plane or ship, people find themselves sharing the same limited space, and this entails the risk of spreading microorganisms; moreover, where the surfaces are subject to intensive use (e.g., handles) the deterioration of the materials can make cleaning less effective and thus favour bacterial proliferation. Anogard™ represents a suitable answer, as it is effective in killing a broad spectrum of microorganisms yet safe and non-toxic.


Physical activity wipes out stress, worries and makes you feel happy and satisfied with yourself. However, gyms and swimming pools are crowded places full of bacteria that give rise to infections of the respiratory tract, skin, and gastrointestinal tract, which can become very annoying and annihilate the passion of even lovers, as well as turn into a great danger for those who pay little attention. Anogard™ is an effective disinfectant, yet gentle on materials and the skin.